Melanie Licatta
A *song* in *the* front *yard*
» Vacation || Zach and Melanie

The past few days since Melanie had arrived had gone really, exceptionally well. They’d managed to get the things that they wanted to do done—i.e., watching those ridiculous movies (that Melanie didn’t really mind as much as she said she did), and coming up with interesting, creative ways to…admire each others’ bodies. In her opinion, it was one of the best breaks that she’d ever been on. Melanie was nervous and hopeful that he was enjoying himself too, and wouldn’t be sick of her by the time she went back home. Which was, of course, quickly approaching. She was meant to go home in the morning to afternoon of the next day. As far as she could tell, Gabriel wasn’t suspicious of her activities. 

Still, though, there had been no specific “boyfriend/girlfriend” words uttered on either part. The blonde thought it was almost safe to just assume…but assuming things wasn’t always the smartest choice. And especially in these sorts of situation. But she really did feel like they were a couple, already. She’d known him for almost a month, at this point. Melanie definitely acted like herself around him. It was…nice. She didn’t want to see it disappear. As of right now, Melanie was currently sitting on his couch, her arms crossed over her chest as she lounged on it comfortably, her blonde ringlets in the in-between state from wet to dry, due to a shower she’d recently taken. That was something else that had changed. When she first arrived, she was careful to sit only when offered a seat and felt almost uncomfortable in his living space. Now, it felt almost more welcoming than her actual home. “So, what’s this surprise about?”